‘I’m a serial mistress – Xmas is busiest time of year to sleep with people’s husbands’

A serial mistress said Christmas is the busiest time of year for her, as married men love having festive flings and spoiling her with lavish gifts.

Gweneth Lee, 50, meets her married lovers on , the UK’s leading affairs site.

She said December is the busiest month of the year for her as people love to get frisky at Christmas.

Speaking exclusively to The Daily Star, she said her sex life has been super exciting this month.

In fact, she often jokes with her friends that her favourite Christmas song is Lust Christmas by Wham, because she meets so many lovers who she connected with on .

Though she travels to meet some people, she’s always in London for at least two weeks in December, because most of her lovers are in the UK.

Gweneth said: “I do like a bit of winter sun, so I try to get over to California either in December or in January when the weather here is miserable.

“I see my lovers as like Santa Claus – Christmas is definitely a time for giving, and Christmas is when I am rewarded for a year’s worth of giving pleasure with some lovely gifts.

“My lovers know what I like – a trip to all my favourite designer shops in Bond Street, London.

“That means jewellery from somewhere expensive such as Tiffany, clothes from designer brands such as Chanel and Versace, and the super warm and utterly gorgeous £10,000 fur coat you can see me wearing in the brand new shoot I did to get my lovers excited about Christmas.

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“Once I have finished shopping, I do like lots of pampering at spas and gorgeous five star hotels.”

She said it’s been busier than ever this year, because the last two years were disrupted by Covid.

The mistress said she’s making up for lost time, and is fitting in as much as she can before the big day arrives.

Gweneth said: “Christmas is the greatest aphrodisiac.

“Let’s face it, we all need cheering up after the year we have just gone through.

“If 2022 wasn’t bad enough, it follows two earlier years of misery in 2021 and 2020 because of Covid.

“I have never known three more miserable years.

“That is why this Christmas will be extra sexy – we all badly need cheering up.

“I always feel sexier at this time of year.”

She admits what really gets her in the mood is a Christmas shopping trip followed by a gorgeous lunch at a Michelin starred restaurant.























The mistress admits she looks to receive gifts worth around £30,000 or £40,000 from her lovers at Christmas.

“They say that men spend twice as much on their mistress as their wife, and that is certainly true for me,” she added.

But things slow down as we get closer to December 25, as she said men always prioritise family time for the big day.

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She spends the day with her family too, and has a quiet Christmas, but things soon start to heat up again.

Gweneth said: “Everything dries up for me on December 23 when all my lovers go back to their families.

“It is quiet til about December 29 – by which time they are all going stir crazy after being stuck at home with their wives for almost a week and they are looking for fun again.

“I love the build-up to Christmas, because it is party time, and we all need to let off steam after the year from hell.

“Obviously when you are a lady of expensive tastes Christmas is an important time, because I need to replenish the wardrobe, top up the jewellery drawer and giving me body a good pampering to make up for all the excess.”

As you’d expect, she also gets lots of festive requests when it comes to her time in the bedroom.

She said people love to see her in new lingerie, and she has “cases full” of designer undies to whip out for her lovers.

It can also be a time of year when she gets requests for phone sex, and she admitted she has lots of fun on Facetime and Zoom at this time of year too.

“Lots of my lovers enjoy role play so I could be dressing up as Snow White or Cinderella at this time of year,” she continued.

“I often have to bring costumes with me to dates.

“And Christmas definitely brings out the kinky side in a lot of my lovers from IllicitEncounters.

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“I expect to get a proper thrashing at this time of year – or often I am the dominant one handing out the beatings to lovers who have been naughty!”

Even though her Christmas may seem saucier than a lot of people’s, she said she’d definitely describe it at as the season of love.

She said everyone feels more optimistic at Christmas, and it offers people a few weeks to forget about the misery and have a bit a joy.

“I will see seven lovers in four countries throughout December,” she continued.

“My busiest Christmas ever.

“Christmas is a time for giving, and what I want to give is a really good time to all the men I see.”

has enjoyed the busiest year in its 19 year history with an 18% rise in subscriptions.

The surge has been a reaction to the previous two years of Covid restrictions, as cheaters return to their old ways and seek new partners.

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