Henry Cavill ‘attaches’ the cape and will no longer be Superman: ‘It’s been a fun ride with you all’

Henry Cavill ‘attaches’ the cape and will no longer be Superman: ‘It’s been a fun ride with you all’

Since getting himself under Clark Kent and Superman’s skin for the first time in 2013, Henry Cavill has become a cult and fan favorite in the DC universe. There were many voices calling for a continuation of “Man of Steel,” something that just a few weeks ago looked like it was going to come true. However, a statement from the representative closes the door on that possibility.

A few days ago, it was known that Warner Bros. Discovery has been putting itself into the hands of James Gunn and Peter Safran so they can start creating and building new stories to rebuild (again) DC. Because of this, it was announced that Wonder Woman 3, with Gal Gadot at the helm, would never see the light of day and would be officially cancelled. Some plans that, a priori, will not affect “Man of Steel 2”.

An emotional farewell to Henry Cavill as Superman

“I just had a meeting with James Gunn and Peter Safran and I have bad news. After all, I’m not returning as Superman,” Henry Cavill said in a statement via social media. The 39-year-old translator complained that last October he was given the go-ahead to report his return as a solo Superman movie after nearly a decade.

Despite it all, Cavill acknowledged that it wasn’t “easy” and that “life is like this,” explaining that the decision was due to nothing more than a last-minute change of plans by Warner Bros. Discovery, especially James Gunn and Peter Safran.

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“A changing of the guard happens sometimes. I respect that. James and Peter have a world to build, I wish them and everyone involved in the new universe the best of luck and the happiest of fortunes,” said the British actor.

To bid farewell to Superman fans, Henry Cavill dedicated an emotional phrase saying goodbye to one of the most important roles of his career: “My time to wear a cape is over, but what Superman stands for never will. It’s been a fun ride. With you all.”

Yes there will be a Superman…young

Meanwhile, the story of Superman does not end with Henry Cavill, but James Gunn has expressed on social networks his intention to explore other times for the superhero, such as his early years on Earth. “Our story will focus on Superman’s early life, so Henry Cavill won’t be playing the character. However, we had a great meeting with Henry, we’re huge fans, and discussed a number of possibilities for us to work together in the future,” he said in a message on Twitter.

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