Here’s What Lee Sang Bo And Actor A Have In Common Who Was Arrested For Drugs According To Dispatch

Here’s What Lee Sang Bo And Actor A Have In Common Who Was Arrested For Drugs According To Dispatch

WowKeren – As previously reported, an actor referred to as A has been arrested for drug use. The previously unknown actor’s identity was finally revealed.

On Sunday (11/9), the identity of actor A in question was Lee Sang Bo. He was arrested at his residence in Nonhyeondong, Gangnam, Seoul around 2 p.m. on September 10 KST after testing positive for drugs.

Dispatch detailed finding A’s figure before it was finally revealed that it was Lee Sang Bo. This was done because various public responses regarding actor A accused several big names such as Park Hae Jin to Lee Mu Saeng.

According to Dispatch’s report, the actor “L” (previously called A) was born in 1981 and made his acting debut in a drama in 2006. These traits match Lee Sang Bo’s age because in the same year, he debuted in drama “The Invisible Man”.

Then, other traits are the same as Lee Sang Bo, “L” also appears in about 10 dramas as a minor or supporting role. “L” is also described as having gained more popularity thanks to roles in daily dramas in 2021, and this fits perfectly with Lee Sang Bo’s role in the drama “Miss Monte Cristo”.

Both “L” and Lee Sang Bo have also suspended activities after leaving their agencies this year. Therefore, Dispatch’s belief in this matter becomes even more accurate after many opinions lead to actors who should not be involved.

Since the news of the arrest was released, there have been many actors accused of being ‘A’. However, Park Hae Jin and Lee Mu Saeng’s agencies have denied that they were not the ones in question.

However, further details that hint at the actor’s identity have raised suspicions against actor Lee Sang Bo. Previously, police from the Gangnam Police Station were dispatched to the scene after a resident reported that a man who looked like he was taking drugs was running around. When the police arrived on the scene, the actor was unable to speak or walk properly.

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